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Patio & Pool Exterieur Design Pavers


Give a nice look to your pool and backyard.


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Driveway and backyard landscaping


Our specialists will lay slabs solid, durable and according to different techniques.

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Terrassement Jo-Nic

Landscape architect certified in earthmoving and landscaping.

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Patio and pool paving

Give a nice look to your pool and backyard.


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Driveway and Backyard Designs

Our specialists will lay pavers, pave-uni, according to different techniques. We have the newest trending stones and designs

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Terrassement Jo-Nic

Terrassement Jo-Nic has gained its reputation over the years as one of the south shore’s most reputed landscape installer and designer.


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Custom Design Plans

You like new ideas, you want to rearrange your outdoors, but you do not want to be bothered by details or to be in charge of coordinating and organizing everything?

 So that you have peace of mind Terrassement Jo-Nic offers you a  “TURNKEY” solution. Contact us now for a free estimate for your small or big job!


Turnkey Solutions

The “turnkey” Solution has several advantages: 

  • Time saving
  • Money saving
  • Well coordinated work gives better results

 Do not hesitate. Contact us for more information. Below are a few images that demonstrate all the know-how and professionalism of how Terrassement Jo-Nic works and operates.


Paving stone installation service

The pavé-uni, once installed, gives a very inviting look and enhances the curb appeal of your property. It gives a nice complete finish to your existing home and raises the property value by more than the said investment. See our portfolio for examples 

Terrassement Jo-Nic is an expert in the installation and building of retaining walls and walls.  Whether you wish to install pavers, or steps, or just a retaining wall we offer services that are long lasting and guaranteed by our commitment of being in business for over 25 years. 

On-Site Service & Repair

Whether for a very specific landscaping project or a global turnkey project, Jo-Nic Terrassement offers complete landscaping services including:

  • Laying of paving stones
  • Installation of low walls
  • Laying of sod and cement
  • Patio back patio design and pool contour

With the rise in securities, it becomes very profitable and wise to invest on its property.


Terrassement Jo-Nic OFFERS YOU

Our mission is to satisfy and respond with precision to the demands of our customers. All our work is carried out exactly as requested by the customer.


So that the customer feels safe and because our experts are highly qualified to meet all your needs; We offer a 3 years written guarantee. 

Terrassement Jo-Nic is a landscaping contractor certified in earthworks and landscaping located in Brossard. Serving the entire south shore of Montreal and Montreal, Terrassement Jo-Nic is a reference and seeks the statisfaction of its clientele.


For landscaping projects, the installation of pavé-uni, laying of low walls, laying of lawn and cement or for the design of back patio in paving-stones and pool edging, the company offers landscaping services Or excavation to meet your needs and expectations.

In business for several years and accredited RBQ 8102-7344-08, respecting the standards of CCQ and CSST, Jo-Nic Terrassement guarantees quality work at very competitive prices.

Are you thinking about renovating and beautifying your home? Do not search anymore ! Earthmoving Jo-Nic can make you a free, quick and clear submission right now.

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         RBQ 8102-7344-08

  • Quality 100%
  • Satisfaction 100%
  • Durability 100%


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Terrassement Jo-Nic

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Terrassement Jo-Nic 

With its extensive portfolio of quality professional equipment. Montreal & and the South Shore.

We ensures a good follow-up of site and a great flexibility in the services we  offered.

 The the perks of JO-NIC :
  • A strong and experienced team
  • A 3-year written warranty  
  • Good follow-up of building sites 
  • Quick Reply
  • In business since 1991

Strong points
  • Swimming Pool Outline
  • Pavé Uni
  • Parking
  • Retaining walls
  • Conception Patio & amp; Outdoor kitchen
  • Concrete paving stone
  • Waterfall

Frequently Asked Questions 

I have an idea for my house but I do not know if it is achievable. What to do ?

Our hands on service  Would be perfect for you. You’ll stay in control every step of the way, from start to finish!

You work with what types of customers?

Residential, industrial, Commercial and municipal projects!

How should we proceed?

Complete the contact form ,explaining your idea in the outline and a representative from our team will contact you.


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